AGC Education and Research Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

Applicant must be a college sophomore or junior enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time, four- or five-year ABET or ACCE-accredited construction management, or construction-related engineering program. Application, evaluation forms, and transcript are required.

Renewable if recipient maintains a minimum 2.0 GPA in college program; grade transcripts and upcoming class schedule must be forwarded at the conclusion of each academic period. Renewable for each year of undergraduate study, up to a maximum of $7,500.

Study areas: construction management and construction-related engineering


Deadline: November 1

Award type: Scholarship

Max. award:
Awarded anualy:
Unlimited awards:
Repay required:


Enrollment level: College Senior, College Junior, College Sophomore

Country: United States

Major: Civil Engineering/civil Tech./technician, Construction Equipment Operator, Construction Trades, Other, Civil Engineering, General, Construction/building Inspector, Construction/building Tech./technician, Civil Engineering, Other

Interests: Construction, Architecture

Misc: Work Experience, Co-curricular/extracurricular Activities

Contact Information

Melinda D. Patrician
2300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 400 Arlington, VA 22201 United States
Phone: (703) 837-5342
Fax: (703) 837-5451

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