Doctoral Fellowship

Applicant must be a member of Kappa Omicron Nu. Proof of degree and major, an academic record summary (no transcripts), a summary of professional goals, a summary of research problem, information about professional experience, honors and awards, memberships in affiliations, and his or her publications, as well as three letters of recommendation, statements from his or her academic advisor, and evidence of progress towards a degree. Applicant must submit five copies of his or her application and three recommendations are required to be submitted. Selection is based upon enrollment and progress in a doctoral program, demonstrated ability in graduate study, demonstrated interest and competence in research, and relevance of study and/or research to significant concerns related to home and family and the human sciences.

Study areas: human sciences


Deadline: January 15

Award type: Fellowship

Min. award:
Average award:
Max. award:
Awarded anualy:
Unlimited awards:
Repay required:


Enrollment level: Doctoral-level Study

Major: Human Sciences

Greek org.: Kappa Omicron Nu

Contact Information

Dorothy I. Mitstifer
Executive Director United States
Phone: (517) 531-8335
Fax: (517) 351-8336

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