Legacy Tuition Reduction Grant

Applicant must be a nonresident and the child of a parent with a degree from U of Arkansas, Fayetteville and who is a current member of the Arkansas Alumni Association. Applicant must submit Arkansas Alumni Legacy Data Form and apply for and be accepted for admission.

50% reduction of out-of-state tuition differential

Renewable if recipient remains eligible for admission and continued enrollment.


Deadline: August 1

Award type: Scholarship

Award coverage: Other

Awarded anualy:
Unlimited awards:
Repay required:


Enrollment level: College Junior, College Sophomore, College Senior, College Freshman

Country: United States

State: Missouri, Wisconsin, Hawaii, California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Indiana, Montana, Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, New Hampshire, Utah, Washington, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Alaska, South Carolina, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Iowa, Minnesota, Connecticut, Delaware, Virginia, Arizona, South Dakota, Vermont, North Dakota, New Jersey, Colorado, Kentucky, Texas

Organization: Arkansas Alumni Association

Misc: Alumni - Child Of Alumni/ae

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