Pulte Group Build Your Future Scholarship Program

Applicants must be U.S. undergraduate freshmen, sophomores or juniors who are enrolled full-time in a housing-related degree program (construction, civil engineering, architecture, building trades or management, etc.). They must have at least one full academic year remaining in their course of study and maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.5 and major GPA of at least 3.0. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate financial need or who are members of a building industry-related service or professional organization, especially the National Association of Home Builders. Selection is based on financial need, academic achievement, GPA, work experience, extracurricular activities and professional goals.


Deadline: March 27

Award type: Scholarship

Awarded anualy:
Unlimited awards:
Repay required:

Other criteria

Min. GPA:


Enrollment level: College Junior, College Freshman, College Sophomore

Major: Construction Trades, Other, Civil Engineering/civil Tech./technician, Architectural Design, Architectural Studies, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Other, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, General

Contact Information

National Housing Endowment
1201 15th Street NW Washington, DC 20005 United States
Phone: (202) 266-8069
Fax: 202-266-8177