Recycling Research Foundation's National Scholarship

Applicants must be pursuing a graduate level degree, be a U.S. citizen and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. The program is open to those seeking a graduate degree in a program that supports the scrap processing and recycling industry as a whole. The industry itself is both labor and mechanically intensive as scrap processors take old and new metals, paper, rubber, plastic, glass and more, and sort it into established grades which are highly sought after by manufacturers. The challenges of recycling on the scale of 200 billion pounds a year has given rise to new and innovative technologies as the recycling industry adapts to an ever changing marketplace of goods.

Study areas: chemical engineering, chemistry, economics, electrical, electronic and computer engineering, environmental engineering, geoengineering, industrial design, industrial engineering, industrial technology, law, manufacturing engineering, material science, mechanical engineering, public and environmental affairs, software engineering, transportation and engineering management


Deadline: June 1

Award type: Scholarship

Max. award:
Awarded anualy:
Unlimited awards:

Other criteria

Min. GPA:


Enrollment level: Doctoral-level Study, Master's-level Study

Major: Material Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Transportation And Materials Moving Workers, Other, Architectural Environmental Design, Environmental/environmental Health Engineering, Geochemistry, Law (ll.b., J.d.), Chemistry, Law And Legal Studies, Other, Manufacturing Engineering, Construction Science, Engineering, Software, Transportation Logistics, Engineering Technology, Electrical And Computer Engineering, Industrial Production Technol./technicians, Other, Public Affairs, Architectural Engineering, Industrial/manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science, Transportation Design, Chemical Engineering, Economics, Industrial Design, Industrial Radiologic Tech./technician, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation And Highway Engineering

Contact Information

ISRI- Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.
1615 L Street
Suite 600 Washington, DC 20036 United States
Phone: (202)662-8500
Fax: (202)626-0900

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