Rockefeller State Wildlife Scholarship

Applicant must have earned 60 or more hours of graded college credit with a cumulative 2.5 GPA. If applicant is enrolled in a post-graduate program in an eligible college or university as a full-time student, applicant must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA on all credits earned in graduate school and be pursuing a graduate degree in forestry, wildlife, or marine science as it pertains to wildlife.

Renewable if recipient has not received scholarship for more than five academic years (three undergraduate and two graduate); and by the end of the academic year (spring term) have earned at least 24 hours of earned credits during the fall, winter, and spring terms at a school defining 12 semester or eight quarter hours as the minimum for full-time undergraduate status, or earn at least 18 hours total credit during the fall, winter, and spring terms at a school defining nine semester hours as a minimum for full-time graduate status. Recipient must achieve a cumulative 2.5 GPA as an undergraduate student, or 3.0 GPA as a graduate student at the end of each academic year; maintain continuous enrollment as a full-time student unless granted an exception by LOSFA; and continue to pursue a course of study leading to an undergraduate or graduate degree in wildlife, forestry, or marine science, in order to renew the scholarship.

Award must be repaid if recipient fails to earn a degree in an eligible major.

Study areas: forestry, marine science, wildlife


Deadline: July 1

Award type: Scholarship

Min. award:
Max. award:
Awarded anualy:
Unlimited awards:
Repay required:

Other criteria

Min. GPA:
Max. GPA:
Max. Toefl.:


Enrollment level: College Senior, Doctoral-level Study, College Junior, Master's-level Study

Country: United States

State: Louisiana

Major: Wildlife And Wildlands Management, Forestry, General, Marine Science/merchant Marine Officer

Contact Information

Bonnie Lavergne
Scholarship Administrator
P.O. Box 91202 Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9202 United States
Phone: (800) 259-5626 ext. 7714
Fax: (225) 612-6508

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