Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Veterans

Applicant must be a veteran with an honorable discharge from the military and have a compensable disability, which is connected to military service. Disability must be rated by the VA as 20% or higher. In certain limited cases, a disability with a lower VA rating may qualify. Applicant is evaluated to determine the need for services and develop a specific plan of services. Selection is based upon their need for vocational rehabilitation services. VA form 28-1900 must be submitted to the nearest VA regional office.

Recipient must work with VA staff members to develop a plan of services, assistance, and training leading to a vocational or independent living goal, and cooperate in achieving that goal.

Plus counseling, medical/dental care, all costs of any training necessary, living allowance.

Renewable for up to 48 months if recipient is eligible and is successfully meeting program requirements.


Deadline: None

Award type: Funded by military/requires military commitment

Award coverage: Full Tuition

Awarded anualy:
Unlimited awards:
Repay required:


Enrollment level: College Sophomore, College Freshman, College Senior, Master's-level Study, Doctoral-level Study, College Junior, Other Postgraduate-level Study

Military affiliation: Disabled Veteran

Contact Information

Your Veterans Affairs Regional Office United States
Phone: (800) 827-1000