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Getting A Job Off Campus

Opportunities Available for Cash Flow

Getting a job off campus can be a really good thing to do for yourself while you're in college. After all, everyone can use a little bit of extra cash, and when it comes to earning enough to get by, an off campus job may be just the ticket.

Benefits of Off Campus Jobs

Off campus jobs can provide opportunities for young college students that on-campus jobs just can't touch. Even though it's great to get work on campus, more money can often be made by getting an off campus job. And when you're always nose-deep in school books it's also just psychologically healthier to get off campus and experience different perspectives sometimes. Plus if you choose wisely, an off-campus job may also be a good first step toward that future career you're going to school for.

Things to Consider

When looking for an off campus job it's wise to always remember what your first priority is, your education. True you might end up landing some awesome part-time gig that actually leads to something more but when considering an off campus job make sure that the hours you work won't harm or prolong your education. And while a stepping stone of a part-time job is never a bad idea it's also good to consider how much brain power you can really afford to expend. Look at your course-load with college, are you at risk of burning out? If so then maybe consider a less cerebral form of work and go for a more physical job, instead. And don't forget to choose a job that has a schedule that doesn't conflict with your study time or prevent you from getting adequate amounts of sleep. Dozing off in the middle of class is simply not the time to be catching a nap!

college jobs

Types of Off Campus Jobs

Regardless of what you would like to do as a career, there is most definitely an off campus job out there for you. You just need to put in the time and effort in the search and you're bound to find something that's worth your while. Granted, if looking for something in your desired field of work you will doubtless start at entry level and for little pay, but you'll also gain valuable experience, a good job reference, and an insider's perspective into the work you're considering as a career. Or you can choose a fun and easy job that simply offers you a little extra cash; the choice is yours.
Here are some of the common types of off-campus jobs suitable for college students.

Food Service

A lot of young people hold or have held food service jobs at some point in their lives. It's a great way to build a resume and learn the ropes of employment. Many food service jobs also bring great benefits. Food service jobs include: waiter/waitress, kitchen staff, short-order cook, busboy-busgirl, coffee shop and bakery assistant, fast-food counter attendant, and bartender.

Benefits of food service jobs: many offer you opportunities to earn tips for good service, plus the hours usually can't be beat when you need to reserve days for classes. And if you're worried about gaining the "Freshman Fifteen" a food service job will keep you moving enough to help keep your weight in check.

Receptionist or Office Assistant

Other common jobs college students hold off campus are as receptionists or office assistants. This is especially the case if you want to gain experience working in an office, but do not yet have the qualifications to hold other positions. As an assistant or receptionist, you will learn how an office is run and gain first hand knowledge that would have otherwise been impossible to obtain had you not taken this job. You'll work with customers, clients, billing, learn telephone skills and probably learn more than you cared to know about all types of office equipment. The great thing about this position is that many different types of businesses and organizations need office help so the opportunity for work should be abundant and varied.


Lastly, another great way to gain experience and to make some money on the side is to get an off-campus internship position.

Many internships are paid. You just have to shop for them. And if the job pertains to your studies you may even be able to receive some kind of school credit for working there; speak with college administration to find out more. Even unpaid internships offer payout outs in other ways, such as the ability to make work connections and learn valuable skills that can be applied to any future career.

The benefits of internships cannot be overstressed: an opportunity to gain valuable experience in your field, to earn money, network with well-connected industry professionals, build a credible resume and get your foot in the door with some very good companies.


With any job you consider taking on during school (on campus or off) don't forget to weigh the pros and cons of each opportunity. Look at all of the factors, including benefits (actual and intrinsic) as well as the bonus of being easy and stress-free versus something that can help set you on the right path in the career you're going to school for. With a job during school you'll get a little extra cash in your pocket and some valuable skills you can take with you,