Enter The Abacus Scholarship: Every Student Counts Sweepstakes

GoCollege understands that pursuing a higher education is a decision that each individual reaches in their own way and in their own time. It is not always an easy decision to make. Concerns often multiply as students divide their time and efforts to try to meet their responsibilities and still take advantage of the new opportunities adding-up around them. It is an exciting, eventful time of positive change and personal growth.

The Abacus Scholarship sweepstakes recognizes the intrinsic value of every student journey, wherever it shall lead. It is a scholarship award where every entry is granted the same chance to win, where every student's journey is seen and celebrated as equal, valuable and necessary. We believe every student counts: regardless of where, when or how an individual's passions and circumstances lead them to becoming one.

  1. The basics: The Abacus Scholarship is open to all students enrolled in any institution of higher education. Deadline: Midnight, December 15, annually. Awards announced January 15, annually. Currently disbursing a $500 cash award.
  2. Who qualifies: This scholarship is open to any student either enrolled or accepted for enrollment in full or part-time programs of study. Eligible applicants will also be U.S. citizens (born or naturalized), nationals or lawful permanent residents. (see our TERMS for full details)
  3. How to enter: Applications may be completed using the form below or mailed. For questions or additional support, email (scholarships@gocollege.com) or mail a SASE to the address provided below for a written response.

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By submission entrants agree to terms of sweepstakes. Please also review our Privacy Statement.

4. How award recipients are selected: Winner determined by a random drawing - entering is the only guarantee of a chance to win. Every accepted entry has an equal chance to win, and the statistical chances of winning correlates to the number of accepted entries during any sweepstakes period.

5. Other scholarship guidelines and details:

  • This award is not limited to a specific state or territory, but is limited to learning institutions in the US
  • There is no requirement for the applicant to reside in the same state as the school
  • There are no race, gender, marital status, religious, or heritage restrictions
  • Must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, refugee or qualified immigrant
  • Enrollment in self-paced study programs (online) is acceptable
  • There are no spending restrictions or designated use of funds
  • There is no fee to apply
  • Non-renewable

There are no additional documents needed for a successful contest application to be registered. However, once selected, the winning entrant will be required to submit copies of recent school transcripts or proof of enrollment and proof of US citizenship to claim the prize.

How Can My School Participate?
Offering your students a chance to win the Abacus Scholarship is as easy as cut-and-paste.
Any institute of higher education representative can visit our participation page and find web-ready code to insert in your institute's website. It's that simple - once on your site, the code takes the students directly to the entry form to claim their chance to win.
{HINT: there is a special bonus for participation if you act now - you will DOUBLE each entry!}

Winners of the Abacus Scholarship Contest

Below are listed all recipients of The Abacus Scholarship, which started in 2011. We encourage you to complete the form above, and hopefully soon we can add your picture and statement below!

December 2011 Scholarship Award - Jenna Fussell of Iowa State

Jenna FussellJenna Fussell, studying Biology at Iowa State University, was our December 2011 winner. She stated:

"I am so thankful and excited for this unexpected win. I found this scholarship through Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!) and I figured it wouldn't hurt to enter. I never thought I'd actually win the scholarship but now that I have I plan on putting the money to good use. The money will help pay for textbooks, lab fees, and study supplies for the MCAT's.
Thank you, GoCollege!" - Jenna Fussell, Biology Major at Iowa State University


June 2012 Scholarship Award - Sarah Arnold of Grand Valley State University - Allendale, Michigan

sarah arnoldSarah Arnold, studying English at Grand Valley State University was our June 2012 winner. She stated:

"Being the recipient of this Scholarship means a lot to me. I have hopes of becoming a professional editor when I graduate and this scholarship is helping me. I’m pursuing a Writing major and English minor and the money will help pay for my classes. This is also extremely exciting for me because I’ve never really won anything so to get a call like this one morning was awesome! " - Sarah Arnold, Writing Major at Grand Valley State University

December 2012 Scholarship Award - Samantha Johnston of Wichita State University

Samantha Johnston - Abacus Scholarship Winner, Dec 2012Samantha J Johnston, studying Pre-Medicine at Wichita State University was our December 2012 winner. She stated:

"I'm so excited to be the winner for this scholarship! I'm a full-time student, full-time mom, and full-time server at a bar & grill in Wichita, and sometimes I feel like I can never catch a break! I'm so thankful for the opportunity to even apply for such a scholarship, and to win it, is definitely a break I needed. I'm going to use the money to help pay off some expenses that have stacked up since I've started school, and I'm going to get my daughter the Barbie toys she asked 'Santa' to bring her for Christmas. So thank you so much for the opportunity to win this scholarship! You have no idea how much it means to me!" - Samantha J Johnston, Studying Pre-Medicine at Wichita State University



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