Scholarships in Doctoral-level Study

NIH Loan Repayment Programs

Award: $35,000, Deadline: December 15 (extramural LRP); May 1 (intramural LRP)

Doctoral level degree is required.


Alabama G.I. Dependents' Scholarship

Award: $1,150, Deadline: Varies

Applicant must be the dependent of a disabled veteran (child or stepchild under age 26) or spouse or non-remarried widow(er) who is enrolled in a state-supported institution in Alabama. The veteran must have honorably served at least 90 days of continuous active federal military service, be rated 20% or more disabled due to service-connected disabilities or have held the qualifying rating at the time of death, or be a former prisoner of war, declared missing in action, or have died as the result of a service-connected disability or in the line of duty while on active duty. The veteran must have been a permanent civilian resident of the state of Alabama for at least one year immediately prior to initial entry into active military service or any subsequent period of military service in which a break in service occurred and civilian residency was established. Dependents of permanently disabled service-connected veterans rated at 100% may also qualify after the veteran has established at least five years of permanent residency in Alabama.


Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award

Award: $18,000, Deadline: None

Grants are intended for art students and artists in the early or developmental stage of their career. Applicants must work in a figurative or representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture, or printmaking and be committed to making the practice of their art a lifetime career. Grants are intended to assist applicants in the study or practice of their art, and the costs associated therewith, such as tuition, studio rental, model fees, travel, and living expenses. Eligible courses of study or training include undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate studies and diploma programs from accredited institutions, recognized residencies, apprenticeships/internships, and studio training. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of their application. Grants are available to students and artists around the world.


Minnesota Indian Scholarship

Award: $3,254, Deadline: July 1

Applicant must be a Minnesota resident attending an in-state college. Applicant must have at least one quarter American Indian ancestry. Financial need must be demonstrated by qualifying for either Federal Pell Grant or Minnesota State Grant.


Mental Health Loan Assumption Program

Award: $10,000, Deadline: December 10

Applicant must be currently working or have an offer to work in a hard to fill/retain position within California's Public Mental Health System. Eligible licensed or registered psychiatric, psychologists, marriage/family therapists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses may apply. Priority consideration will be given to applicants best suited to meet the cultural and linguistic needs and demands of mental health consumers, based on the applicant meeting one or more of the following selection criteria: work experience, cultural/linguistic competence, fluency, personal/community background, community service, and career goal.s


International Postdoctoral Fellowship

Award: $30,000, Deadline: December 1

Applicant must be a full-time study or research student who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.


ACLS Fellowship

Award: $65,000, Deadline: September 28

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, have held the Ph.D. for at least two years, and have not had a supported research leave for at least three years. Award is for postdoctoral research in all disciplines of the humanities and humanities-related social sciences. Applications must be submitted through the ACLS Online Fellowship Application system (OFA). OFA is accessible through the Fellowship and Grant Programs section of the web site.


Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction

Award: $2,000, Deadline: April 30

Applicant must submit a short fiction piece of no more than 7,500 words.


Texas American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship

Award: $500, Deadline: May 1

Applicant must be sponsored by a local American Legion Auxiliary unit. Selection is based upon character, Americanism, leadership, financial need, and scholarship.


FNSNA Scholarship

Award: $2,500, Deadline: January 10

Applicant must be enrolled at a state-approved school of nursing or pre-nursing. Graduate applicant must be pursuing his or her first nursing degree. Selection is based upon academic achievement, financial need, and involvement in student nursing organizations and community service related to health care.


Marshall Scholarship

Award: $24,000, Deadline: October 2

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen and demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential. Applicant must also hold a first degree from an accredited U.S. four-year college or university with at least a 3.7 GPA.


Rome Prize Fellowship

Award: -, Deadline: November 1

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident for at least three years at the time of application.


Student Research Grant

Award: $2,500, Deadline: February 1

Applicant must be a member of the Geological Society of America. Appraisal form from college advisor required.


Mary Roberts Rinehart Award

Award: $2,500, Deadline: March 22

Applicant must be nominated by an established writer, agent, editor, or faculty member. Applicant must be an unpublished writer and must submit a manuscript of a previously unpublished work of fiction, poetry, biography, autobiography, or history with a strong narrative quality.


PEO International Peace Scholarship

Award: $10,000, Deadline: December 15

Applicant must be a non-U.S. or Canadian citizen who is a woman working full-time towards a graduate degree in the college or university of her choice in the U.S. or Canada. Upon completion of her degree program, she must return within 60 days to her own country or to a non-U.S. or Canadian country to pursue her professional career. Applicant must apply online.


Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies

Award: -, Deadline: December 19

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, must plan to enter a Ph.D. program in the humanities, plan a career in college teaching, and present evidence of outstanding academic promise. Applicant must take the GRE test by December 1.


ADAF Scholarship

Award: $4,500, Deadline: April 17

Selection is based upon financial need, academic standing, and professional potential. Applicant must be member of ADA.


Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship

Award: $25,000, Deadline: November 12

Applicants must have completed all pre-dissertation requirements. The dissertation can be in any field and must deal with the study of ethical or religious values in some area of human endeavor. Applicants working on D. Min., law, and other professional degrees are not eligible.


Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation Scholarship

Award: -, Deadline: March 8

Applicant must be an initiated member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Selection is based upon academic abilities, campus, community, and fraternity activities, and letters of reference.


Student Loan Program for Health, Science, & Mathematics

Award: $8,500, Deadline: February

Applicant must be a resident of North Carolina and demonstrate financial need.


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship

Award: $8,000, Deadline: Varies

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident, must have been a resident of Virginia for at least one year prior to the deadline, must be enrolled full time at an accredited college, university, or school of the arts, and must submit 10 slides of artwork for art, three films for film/video, or three research papers for art history.


Harry S. Truman Scholarship

Award: $13,500, Deadline: February 7

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. national, rank in top quarter of class, have outstanding leadership potential and communication skills, and be planning to pursue graduate school study to prepare for a career in government or public service. Recipient receives up to $30,000 for graduate studies.


CTA Scholarship for Dependent Children

Award: $5,000, Deadline: February 3

Applicant must be claimed as dependent status on the current year's IRS forms. Applicant must be the dependent child of an active or retired California Teachers Association member.


Morton Gould Young Composers Award

Award: $2,500, Deadline: March 1

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, or an international student with a student visa, and be under the age of 30. Applicant must applicant must submit a completed application form; one reproduction of a manuscript or score; biographical information including music studies, background and experience, and a list of compositions to date.


HENAAC Scholars Program

Award: $10,000, Deadline: April 30

Applicant must be a graduating high school senior, undergraduate, or graduate student who is of Hispanic descent or has demonstrated significant leadership and community service within the Hispanic community. Applicant must plan to attend or is currently attending a two- or four-year college or university in the United States or Puerto Rico pursuing a degree in science, technology, or math (health and medical fields are not eligible). Minimum 3.0 GPA required.


Diversity Building Scholarship

Award: $7,500, Deadline: January 15

Selection is based upon: commitment to diversity, educational background, family educational history, financial need, residency.


Licensed Mental Health Services Provider Education Program

Award: $15,000, Deadline: March 24

Applicant must be a registered or licensed psychologist, postdoctoral psychological assistant, postdoctoral psychological trainee, registered or licensed marriage and family therapists, or a registered or licensed clinical social worker.


Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Fellowship

Award: $40,000, Deadline: November 1

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen with a minimum "A-" grade average during the last two years of undergraduate work pursuing a graduate degree in the applied physical sciences (no biological sciences). Students in joint professional degree programs (e.g., M.D./Ph.D.) are not eligible.


American Legion Children and Youth Scholarship

Award: $500, Deadline: May 1

Selection is based upon financial need. Letters of recommendation and transcripts required.


Davis Putter Scholarship

Award: $10,000, Deadline: March 31

Applicant must be living in the United States and be planning to enroll in an accredited college in the United States. Fund provides grants to students actively working for peace and justice.