Scholarships in Area, Ethnic And Cultural Studies, Other

Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies

Award: -, Deadline: December 19

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, must plan to enter a Ph.D. program in the humanities, plan a career in college teaching, and present evidence of outstanding academic promise. Applicant must take the GRE test by December 1.


Central Europe Research Scholar Program

Award: $11,500, Deadline: January 15; October 1

Selection is based upon the research proposal, need for in-country resources, letters of recommendation, and language proficiency. Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident with advanced knowledge of the host country's language. Research proposal of 1,000 words, an agreement and a release form, a medical evaluation, two letters of recommendation, a curriculum vitae in both English and the language of the host country, and a financial need statement are required to be submitted. Award is for individual research opportunities in the Baltics, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, or Slovakia.


Fellowship in New England History and Culture

Award: $750, Deadline: January 31

Applicant must base research on museum and library holdings.


Eurasian Regional Languages Grant

Award: $10,000, Deadline: March 1; April 1; October 15

Award is for advanced and intermediate language study in the countries of the NIS (New Independent States): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Three competitions per year.


AGBU Fellowships for U.S. Based Study

Award: $7,500, Deadline: April 30

Applicant must be of Armenian heritage, be a full-time graduate student seeking a master's or doctorate degree at a highly- or most-competitive U.S. institution, and have a minimum 3.5 GPA in undergraduate work.


Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship for Minorities

Award: $24,000, Deadline: November 14

Applicant must be U.S. citizen or national who is an Alaskan Native, Native American, black/African-American, Mexican American, Pacific Islander, or Puerto Rican. Applicant must have completed no more than 30 semester/45 quarter hours of graduate work in fields eligible for support.


Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship for Minorities

Award: $35,000, Deadline: Early January

Applicant must have completed a Ph.D. or Sc.D. within seven years, be a U.S. citizen or national, and be an Alaskan Native, Native American, black/African-American, Mexican-American, Pacific Islander, or Puerto Rican.


Ancient Studies Scholarship

Award: -, Deadline: November 1 (Priority)

Applicant must be participating in an archaeological dig and study abroad.


Pacific and Asian Affairs Council Internship

Award: -, Deadline: None

Applicant must submit resume and letter of interest.


Herbert Kealoha & Doris Keppeler Scholarship

Award: $500, Deadline: January 5

Applicant must be a resident of Hawaii, be a full-time undergraduate, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and demonstrate financial need.


German & Russian Studies Scholarship

Award: $5,000, Deadline: February 1 (Priority)

Applicant must be enrolled at the University of Missouri at Columbia.


Greenfield Dissertation Fellowship

Award: $1,750, Deadline: March 1

Applicant must submit five copies of a curriculum vitae, a two to four page description of the proposed research, two letters of recommendation, and a writing sample.


Patricia Collins Amaral Memorial Fund

Award: $600, Deadline: February 15

Applicant must be a senior who has a minimum 3.0 GPA and who has demonstrated the finest qualities of leadership through participation in campus organizations and has rendered service of significant benefit to the campus community.


Alumni Association Scholarship

Award: -, Deadline: February 15

Applicant must demonstrate community leadership and have met the award criteria established by the Alumni Association's Scholarship Committee. Applicant must have completed 12 credits last semester and 24 credits at Bridgewater State College as of December 31. Applicants who have transferred from Massachusetts Community Colleges, Dean College, or Quincy College are eligible to apply.


Liberal Arts and General Studies Degrees - Undergraduate Scholarship

Award: $500, Deadline: April 1

Applicant must be a United States citizen or permanent resident who is a graduating high school senior or currently enrolled in a college or university pursuing an associates or bachelor's degree in one of the following areas: consumer sciences, cultural studies, ethnic studies, gender studies, geography, history, leisure studies, military studies, philosophy, political science, religious studies, social science, or social services.


Carl A. Ross Student Paper Award

Award: $100, Deadline: January 15

Applicants must submit a 15- to 30-page research paper on an Appalachian studies topic. Selections will be made from two categories: middle/high school and undergraduate/graduate.


International Scholarships

Award: $1,000, Deadline: April 15 (fall semester); October 1 (spring semester); March 1 (summer)

Applicants must be currently enrolled college undergraduates with a minimum 3.0 GPA who show leadership potential and are involved in extra-curricular activities centered on multicultural or international issues. Applicants must submit a 1,000-word essay on how study abroad will change their lives.


National and District Scholarships

Award: $2,000, Deadline: March 31

Applicants must be high school seniors, college students, post-graduate students or adult students of Greek descent.