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Popular Environmental Science Degrees Gain Grant Funding

Find Cash for "Green" Studies

The new emphasis on Green Technology has led to a sudden growth in the number of grant opportunities for students enrolled in the Environmental Sciences. What was once a niche field of study is quickly becoming a high demand collegiate discipline. The Federal government and private industry have recognized the growing potential of the Green Revolution, and are beginning to sponsor lucrative grant opportunities for students pursuing degrees, and careers, in Environmental Science and it's related fields.

The best sources for Environmental Studies grants include:

  • Federal and state government
  • Colleges and universities
  • Private industry and professional associations

As you begin your search for Environmental Studies grants, consider the various related fields. These fields of study are turning out graduates with what are being called "Green Degrees", and include the following subjects:

  • Conservation
  • Wildlife Management
  • Forestry
  • Biology
  • Environmental Law
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Health
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Federal and State Environmental Science Grants

The Federal government should be the first step in any search for education grants. The Pell Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant and the SMART Grant are all suitable programs for the undergraduate beginning their studies in Environmental Sciences.

Further grant opportunities are available from a number of government agencies whose work is closely related to the nations environmental needs, and to the growth of green technology and industry. Some notable examples include:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency - The EPA supports the educational goals of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students with various grants, fellowships and internships. These programs are designed to encourage and develop Environmental Studies majors pursuing a career in environmental policy and management.
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA provides grant awards to minority students pursuing their degrees in Environmental Science. Eligible students must b e pursuing a degree which emphasis course work directly related to the mission and goals of NOAA.
  • Americorps - This government funded community service organization, while not actually offering grant awards, pays volunteers fresh out of high school for work in a large number of environmental related fields. These stipends provide much needed financial aid for college, while giving students hands on experience in their field of interest.

Students searching for Environmental Studies grants should also investigate what their state government has to offer. Many states offer excellent financial aid opportunities in the form of general tuition grants, as well as career and subject specific grants. Consult your states Office of Higher Education for more details.

eco grants

College and University Grant Funding

Pone of the best sources for grant money is your college or university. Most schools make provision for grant awards in a number of diverse areas of study, and Environmental Science is quickly taking it's place among the college level disciplines being supported by university sponsored financial aid. Consult your colleges financial aid department for specific details concerning grant programs applicable to Environmental Studies majors. Students should also contact their department heads for information on research and travel grants, as well as graduate and post-graduate fellowships.

A couple of notable examples of programs offered by colleges around the country will give you an idea of what is available to students in pursuing their degrees in Environmental Sciences.

Private Sources

Private organizations concerned with environmental issues often provide grants for students enrolled in environmental studies. These grants may be specific to a distinct field of study, or may be linked to a particular college or university. Business and industry are also surprisingly good sources for Environmental Studies grants, and those companies recognizing the economic potential of Green Technology often provide lucrative grant opportunities designed to encourage and develop the next generation of inventors and innovators.

Some notable examples of private sector grants for Environmental Studies include:

Students searching for Environmental Science grants, should narrow their focus to those programs targeting the particular field of environmental study they wish to pursue. Environmental Science includes a large number of subset disciplines, and once you have narrowed you focus you will be better able to find those grant programs that support your own educational and career goals.