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Benefits of Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) Student Loans

College bound students have a number of choices when looking for a student loan. Wachovia, now a Wells Fargo company, administers private alternative student loans to help cover the cost of a college education. In partnership with ACS, they also administer a number of Federal loans that fall within the Federal Family Education Loan Program.

Wachovia Student Loans: Federal

Many private lenders work with the federal government to provide students with loans to cover tuition costs without miring students in a quicksand of debt. Wachovia provides three major Federal loans; the Stafford Loan, the Federal PLUS Loan for Parents and the PLUS Loan for Graduate Students. Each of these loans has specific requirements and you will need to read and understand their terms before applying.

As with all Federal loans, whether administered by the U.S. Department of Education or by an outside lender like Wachovia, the application process begins by submitting a FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You need to have completed this application process before you will be considered eligible for any Federally funded student loan programs.

wachovia is wells fargo

Wachovia Student Loans: Private

Students should always try to secure as much of their college funding through Federal grants, scholarships and loans before considering any alternative loan programs. However, if you find Federal financial aid packages don't cover the cost of your tuition, or if you do not qualify for Federal aid you will need to look to private alternative loans to make up the difference.

Wachovia offers a special education loan program to qualifying student borrowers that boasts some of the most attractive terms offered by a private lending organization.

Wachovia Education Loan

The Wachovia Education Loan, while being a private lender loan, does manage to offer some benefits that are not common to standard alternative loans. With a Wachovia Education Loan you can borrow up to the full amount of your college expenses, less any other financial aid you have received or any funds supplied by yourself or your family. You can also employ a cosigner to help secure lower interest rates. The Wachovia Education Loan is also unique in that there are no hidden fees associated with the loan process, meaning more of your repayment money will go to straight to paying off your loan.

The Wachovia Education Loan, unlikely most private alternative student loans, offers students a deferment on their payment schedule until after they have graduated. Much like a Federal loan, you will not have to make any payments on your Education Loan while you are enrolled in college. This can be a great benefit to students with heavy college loads, but remember – while you are in college your loan is accruing interest whether you are making payments against that loan or not. Wachovia offers the option of beginning the repayment plan while you are in school if you so desire, which can lower the overall amount of interest you will ultimately need to pay. Wachovia Education Loans also allow up to 25 years to repay your student loan.

Applying for the Wachovia Education loan is easy and can be done online using the Wells Fargo site. The filing process is uncomplicated and many students can be pre-approved within minutes.