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Going to College in North Dakota?

Find a Student Loan that Gives You Financial Muscle

Most every student will need to consider some form of education loan when planning for their college education. Resident students of North Dakota, and out-of-state students planning to attend on of North Dakota's colleges or universities, will want to look to the North Dakota College Access Network and the Bank of North Dakota for all of their education loans.

The Bank of North Dakota is unique, in that it is state owned. This affiliation makes it easier for state agencies and associations to offer college-bound students the loans they need to make their college education a reality. The NDCAN and the Bank of North Dakota are committed to making a college education accessible and affordable to all students.

Types of student loans managed by the NDCAN and the Bank of North Dakota include:

  • Federal Family Education Loans
  • Alternative Loans
  • Loans for Service
north dakota student loans

Borrow Federal Student Loans in North Dakota

Students looking for financial aid for college should first turn to Federal student loan programs before considering any other state-funded or private lender loans. The Federal Family Education Loan Program, or FFELP, increases the affordability and accessibility of college loans for students across the country. These Federally sponsored loan programs are open to all college-bound students regardless of financial status. Students interested in securing a Federal student loan must first submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, before applying to any of the existing Federal loan programs.

The Federal Family Education Loan Program includes the following student loans:

All of the Federal student loan programs can be administered through the North Dakota College Access Network, and the Bank of North Dakota.

Supplement Your Federal Loans with Alternative Student Loans in North Dakota

Most students securing a Federal student loan will still find themselves falling short of the full costs of their college tuition. Even students who have won substantial grants and scholarships may need to consider alternative loans as a way of closing the gap in their college funding. To meet the needs of these students, the NDCAN offers the Dakota Education Alternative Loan. The DEAL is an alternative students loan funded by the Bank of North Dakota and guaranteed by Student Loans of North Dakota (SLND). The DEAL program is open to resident students, or out-of-state students, attending a state college in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming or Montana. The DEAL offers no minimum limitations, and is available at either a fixed or variable interest rate.

Like many alternative loan programs, Students are required to have filed for Federal loans, before being eligible for the DEAL program. The DEAL programs are designed as a final resort, offering an affordable supplement when a student's Federal aid falls short of covering their full tuition costs.

More information can be found on the DEAL program, as well as many other student loan opportunities for students in North Dakota, by visiting the North Dakota College Access Network and the student Loans of North Dakota websites.