Valuable Scholarship Money for Student Game Designers

Video gaming has made great strides in the last few decades. Lifelike effects, 3-D realism and a demand for multitasking skills have have all combined to create incredible game experiences. Along with the changes in technology and performance has come a dynamic growth in the industry itself. What was once a niche market has spawned a billion dollar business that is constantly in need of new talent and innovative ideas. The current vitality in the video game market has led to a growing number of scholarship opportunities for students studying computer programming and game design.

Find Gamer Scholarships

The best sources for video game scholarships are colleges, technical schools and private corporations. Much of the scholarship funding for game design comes from the private sector, and is supplied by software associations and entertainment companies looking to encourage and develop the next generation of game creators. Some examples of video game scholarships will give you an idea of what to look for in your search for available scholarship opportunities.

  • Entertainment Software Association sponsors a high profile scholarship for video game design students. The ESA Foundation Scholarship awards $3000 to eligible undergraduate students pursuing studies in software design. Preference is given to women and minority students.
  • The Sony Online Entertainment Gamers In Real Life Competition is designed for women pursuing a career in video game design. Awards are $10,000, with some students being eligible for an additional paid internship with Sony Online Entertainment.
  • DigiPen Institute of Technology is dedicated to training the next generation of video game and computer art designers. The school offers an assortment of undergraduate and graduate scholarships. DigiPen's scholarship programs target women, minorities and students with substantial financial need.
  • The International Game Developers Association offers a number of scholarships for student members. Applicants must be full time students in a game design program at an accredited university or technical college.
video game developer scholarships

Students searching for video game design scholarships should also investigate the various Art Institutes across the country. With more than 45 schools located across North America, the Art Institutes offer a wide variety of scholarships for game design and software development students.

For students interested in game design and development the scholarship opportunities have grown as quickly as the gaming industry itself. Always on the look out for new talent and innovative ideas, the gaming industry offers a myriad of scholarship and career opportunities for the enthusiastic gamer.