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How to Find College Scholarships

Finding appropriate scholarship opportunities has never been easier. Since the introduction of the internet, college-bound students have had access to information on a host of financial aid programs. Where once they would need to spend countless hours in the library, pouring over dusty book and out of date periodicals, students can now use the world wide web to search for, and apply to, scholarship programs that match their college goals.

However, whether you rely on the internet or the library for your scholarship information, you need a plan of action to help make your search more productive.

Get A Head Start

Students should begin their scholarship search as early as possible, ideally during their sophomore year in high school. This will give you plenty of time to find the scholarship programs that suit your needs, and to which you wish to apply. Many scholarships are extremely limited, and you will need to allow yourself ample time to prepare for any and all requirements that need to be met. Additionally, many programs have early application deadlines, and the sooner you have found the scholarships you're interested in, the better your chance of meeting those deadlines.

searching for scholarships

Fulfill the Prerequisites

Most scholarships have prerequisites that must be fulfilled before a student can be considered for the award. These can include your GPA, a portfolio of your art or writing, essay submissions and letters of recommendation. Consequently a certain amount of preparation is needed to complete any scholarship application. This is another good reason for beginning your scholarship search early. You need to allow yourself ample time to prepare your scholarship submissions, and if need be, work to improve your GPA and overall academic standing.

Determine if You Qualify

When searching for scholarship programs it is important to focus on those for which you may be qualified. Little is gained from applying for scholarships that you have no real chance of winning. For instance, an African-American student is not going to qualify for a scholarship targeting Asian students, likewise an accounting major is unlikely to win a scholarship devoted to students pursuing a degree in English. Furthermore, as hard as it is to hear, there is no sense in applying for a scholarship that requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 if the best you can offer is a 2.5. Read the scholarship requirements carefully, and only concentrate on those programs that match your college goals, and for which you may qualify. There is no point in wasting valuable time and money applying to scholarship programs for which you will not be considered.

Places To Look

The search for scholarships begins with knowing where to look. There are many resources for students searching for college financial aid, and it is important to make use of them all.

Online Scholarship Searches

One of the most effective tools students can employ in their search for scholarships is the internet. Searching the web can help you locate a wide range of scholarship programs for which you may be qualified. Concentrate your online search for those programs most closely associated with your field of study, financial status and cultural or ethnic background. The internet can prove a very rich resource for scholarship information for the student who is prepared to put in a little work.

While searching online, you will find a number of companies offering scholarship search services. These services typically promise to match students with appropriate scholarship programs based on the information you have supplied. Be wary of search services that charge a fee. Remember, the information they are giving you is readily available on the internet for free. Also, keep in mind that these services only offer to find programs for you to apply to, and do not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.

Offline Scholarship Searches

While the internet is a prime resource for scholarship information, don't neglect the more traditional approach to your search for financial aid. Consult with your high school guidance counselors and teachers. They are kept up to date with lists of current scholarship programs, and are only too happy to help in your search for college funding. You can also contact the financial aid department of the college you will be attending for information on scholarship programs available through the school.

Your local library is another good source for scholarship information. Look for books and periodicals that list available scholarship programs. Make a list of all programs that interest you, and follow up to find if they are still current and if any application requirements have changed.

Finding the right scholarship to help you pay for college is not as daunting a task as it may at first appear. With a little diligence, and some proper planning, you will be well on your way to finding the scholarship that will help you realize your college goals.

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