State of Idaho Funded Grants and Scholarships

Idaho college-bound students are exceptionally well taken care of by their state government. Many students might be unaware, but the Idaho state government funds over a dozen excellent scholarship and grant programs.

Idaho has some excellent goals in mind with their funding for these programs for Idaho students; better businesses, improved economic self-sustainability, and sturdier social structure. Students ought to be thankful, Idaho’s political goals are helping more students get into college, stay in college, and ultimately earn a degree than ever before.

You’ll find the following types of programs available through the Idaho State Board of Education:

  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Need-based grants
  • Career-specific scholarships and grants
  • Dependents scholarships

Scholarships and Grants for Idaho Students

  • The Opportunity Scholarship is funded by approval of the Idaho legislature to provide a last tier ofidaho scholarships financial support for students overwhelmed by college costs after federal aid and family contribution have already been accounted for. Eligible candidates must have successfully graduated from an Idaho high school, completed the FAFSA, submitted the Opportunity Scholarship application, and be enrolled in a college or university degree program in Idaho. Awards vary based on need and available funding.
  • The Promise Category A Scholarship is specially designed to help technical school students, which makes this scholarship a rare opportunity; technical school funding is not as widespread as traditional college funding. Eligible students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.8. Awards are valued at $3,000 per year and are renewable.
  • The Promise Category B Scholarship is designed to provide assistance to many undergraduate students, not just those entering technical programs. The Idaho Board of Education maintains a list of participating Idaho colleges and universities through which you may qualify for these $300 per semester scholarships. Regular attendance, academic motivation, and a GPA of 3.0 are required for consideration.
  • The Minority/At-Risk Student Scholarship program is open to African American, Hispanic, Native American students, as well as those from severely economically disadvantaged backgrounds. This program gives priority funds to students who may otherwise have no chance of college attendance. The BOE maintains a list of participating Idaho schools, and you’ll also have to meet three of the five following criteria to qualify:
    • Be a first-generation college student
    • Be disabled
    • Be a migrant farm worker or the dependent of a migrant farm worker
    • Have substantial financial need
    • Be a member of an ethnic minority historically underrepresented in higher education in Idaho (for example, if you are of Native American, Afro–American, or Hispanic–American descent)

Career-Specific Scholarships in Idaho

The Grow Your Own Teacher Scholarship Program addresses two needs; it will help draw more teachers into the Idaho educational system, and it will also bring more minority teachers into Idaho classrooms.

Because the state recognizes that many minority students suffer from a lack of role models, this scholarship specifically recruits bilingual teachers and Native Americans pursuing degrees in teacher education. Recipients must be willing to teach in designated Idaho schools where minority students are best served. Scholarship awards are $3,000 per year and through participating Idaho colleges and universities only.

Dependents Scholarships

  • Freedom Scholarships program is open to student dependents of military service men and women who were killed or MIA during wartime. Students must be enrolled in a public Idaho institution. These awards cover full tuition plus $500 per semester stipend for books and or other necessary expenses.
  • The Public Safety Officer Dependent Scholarship also provides much-needed financial support to children of killed or injured police officers. Students may be enrolled in any Idaho college or university and receive full-tuition waivers, plus $500 for related expenses per semester.

For further information on Idaho’s scholarship and grant programs visit the Idaho Board of Education website.