Free College Money in Iowa

Most state governments provide some level of financial aid for their resident students struggling to pay the mounting costs of a college tuition. Iowa state students will find that they have access to some of the best scholarship and grant programs in the country. The Iowa College Student Aid Commission administers a large number of lucrative scholarships, grants and loans designed to help resident students find the necessary money to pay for college. In addition, they also act as a conduit for many of the Federal student aid programs, such as the Pell Grant, TEACH Grant and the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant.

Some of the current types of awards being offered to students through the Iowa Student Aid Commission include:

  • Scholarships weighted by academic focus or performance
  • Grants awarded to undergraduate students with financial need seeking enrollment at public schools, community colleges, and private schools
  • Grants based on need for students attending vocational or technical schools.
  • Grants for military personnel
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Iowa’s Gift Aid Programs

The Iowa College Student Aid Commission administers a wide range of scholarship and grant programs for it's resident student population. These gift aid programs supply free money to deserving students struggling to meet rising tuition costs.

Some of the more notable examples of the excellent forms of financial aid offered to students by the Iowa state government include:

  • The Iowa Grant. This is a need-based program that helps financially disadvantaged students defray the costs of their college tuition. Eligible candidates must complete and file the FAFSA, and must be pursuing an undergraduate degree at an Iowa state college or university. The maximum annual award is $1,000, and is renewable for up to 5 years.
  • The Iowa Tuition Grant. This need-based program is available to students enrolled in a participating private college or university in the state of Iowa. It is a partial-tuition grant with a possible maximum award of $4,000 per academic year. Applicants must complete and file the FAFSA, and priority is given to those students demonstrating the highest level of financial need.
  • The All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship is a merit-based award for students enrolled at a participating college or university within the state of Iowa. Priority is given to students from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. Maximum value of the scholarship award is the total cost of tuition.
  • The Iowa National Guard Education Assistance Grant provides an award of more than $5700 to National Guard and Army Personnel who are currently enrolled in a state college of university.
  • The Robert D. Blue Scholarship is available by nomination only, and rewards students who have demonstrated a high degree of excellence in their academic studies. Scholarships are up to $1,000, and are awarded to a select few high school seniors enrolling in an Iowa college or university.
  • The All Iowa Opportunity Foster Care Grant is available to students who have aged out of Iowa's foster care system, or who were adopted after the age of 16. Award amounts range from $2200 to $7600 per year.

Resident students of the state of Iowa have access to a large selection of financial aid programs designed to help them achieve their college goals. In addition to the above scholarship and grant programs, Iowans can also take advantage of substantial loan forgiveness programs and student loan opportunities. The Iowa College Student Aid Commission offers a host of programs designed to encourage and support the educational dreams of it's resident students.