Scholarships in Foreign Languages Teacher Education

Virginia Teaching Scholarship/Loan

Award: $3,720, Deadline: None

Applicant must be a male, preparing to teach in elementary and middle school, be a minority student, or be preparing to teach in chemistry, earth sciences, foreign language, mathematics, physics, special education, or technology education. All applicants must be a resident of Virginia, have a recommendation from the school, and have a minimum 2.7 GPA. Award may be used at Virginia colleges or universities with state approved teacher preparation programs only.


Career Incentive Program

Award: $3,000, Deadline: June 1 (fall); December 15 (spring)

Applicant must have a 3.0 GPA.


Languages in Teacher Education Scholarships

Award: $2,500, Deadline: March 1

Applicants must be Canadian Citizens or individuals lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence. Applicants must be registered full-time in their final two years of a recognized teacher preparation program at an Alberta faculty of education.


Language Teacher Bursary Program

Award: $5,000, Deadline: April 1

Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or individual lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence and residents of Alberta, hold a valid Alberta professional teaching certificate, and have been teaching in Alberta for a minimum of three years by the end of the current school year. Applicant must demonstrate a background in language learning, or have recently initiated the study of this language, plan to take a summer program of at least four weeks duration in a language/language teaching methodology other than English or related field at an institution outside of Canada, and have not previously been awarded a Language Teacher Bursary.


Patricia Collins Amaral Memorial Fund

Award: $600, Deadline: February 15

Applicant must be a senior who has a minimum 3.0 GPA and who has demonstrated the finest qualities of leadership through participation in campus organizations and has rendered service of significant benefit to the campus community.


Alumni Association Scholarship

Award: -, Deadline: February 15

Applicant must demonstrate community leadership and have met the award criteria established by the Alumni Association's Scholarship Committee. Applicant must have completed 12 credits last semester and 24 credits at Bridgewater State College as of December 31. Applicants who have transferred from Massachusetts Community Colleges, Dean College, or Quincy College are eligible to apply.