Scholarships in Botany, Other

The SAPA Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program

Award: $1,000, Deadline: April 30

Applicant must be a high school senior who is planning to attend a full-time undergraduate program at an accredited four-year college/university with a major related to life sciences. Applicant must have a minimum 3.3 GPA, a minimum combined SAT Reasoning score of 2000, and be in the top tenth (or top quarter) of their class. Essay, two letters of recommendation, list of all awards received, list of Advanced Placement or Honors courses with grades, and transcripts are required to be submitted.


Grant for Orchid Research

Award: $12,000, Deadline: January 1

Applicant must be associated with an accredited institution of higher education or an appropriate research institute and be qualified for research.


Furniss Foundation/AOS Graduate Fellowship

Award: $9,000, Deadline: February 1

Applicant must have a dissertation dealing with any aspect of orchid biology in the disciplines of physiology, molecular biology, structure, systematics, cytology, ecology, and/or evolution.


Patricia Collins Amaral Memorial Fund

Award: $600, Deadline: February 15

Applicant must be a senior who has a minimum 3.0 GPA and who has demonstrated the finest qualities of leadership through participation in campus organizations and has rendered service of significant benefit to the campus community.


Alumni Association Scholarship

Award: -, Deadline: February 15

Applicant must demonstrate community leadership and have met the award criteria established by the Alumni Association's Scholarship Committee. Applicant must have completed 12 credits last semester and 24 credits at Bridgewater State College as of December 31. Applicants who have transferred from Massachusetts Community Colleges, Dean College, or Quincy College are eligible to apply.


Columbus Herb Society Scholarship

Award: $2,000, Deadline: February 16

Applicant must be a graduating high school senior or high school graduate residing in Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, Jackson, Jennings, Johnson or Shelby County who plans to study full-time at an accredited college or university in the field of botany, culinary arts, horticulture, or a related area.


TOCA Scholarship

Award: $2,500, Deadline: March 1

Applicant must be an undergraduate college student pursuing a career in green industry communications. Applicant must major or minor in technical communications or a green industry-related field such as horticulture, plant sciences, botany, agronomy, plant pathology, etc. Interest in using this course of study in the field of communications must be demonstrated. Minimum 2.5 GPA required.