Scholarships in Public Administration And Services, Other

Virginia Valk Fehsenfeld Scholarship

Award: $1,000, Deadline: April 1

Applicant must be a resident of Kent County, Mich., have a minimum 3.4 GPA. Selection is based upon academic achievement, extracurricular activities, personal statement, and financial need.


National Zoological Park Traineeship in Public Affairs

Award: $3,000, Deadline: December 31

Selection is based upon statement of interest, scholastic achievement, relevant experience, and letters of reference. Preference is given to applicants who have some computer skills and a desire to develop support for multicultural zoo audiences and to advanced undergraduates and recent graduates.


Scott David Dean Memorial Scholarship

Award: $1,600, Deadline: March 1

Applicant must have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA.


Matt Locke Memorial Scholarship

Award: $1,200, Deadline: March 1

Applicant must have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA.


Thomas B. Pearce Alumni Scholarship

Award: $1,200, Deadline: March 1

Applicant must be a South Carolina resident and have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA.


Stanley Jackson Reeves Memorial Scholarship

Award: $550, Deadline: March 1

Applicant must be enrolled in the College of Business and Public Affairs, demonstrate financial need, have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA, and be a resident of Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina.


Shanklin Memorial Scholarship

Award: $750, Deadline: March 1

Applicant must have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA.


Alice Yuriko Endo Memorial Scholarship

Award: $5,000, Deadline: April 1

Applicant must be a member of JACL. Selection is based upon personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, work experience, and community involvement. Preference is given to residents of the Eastern District Council and to applicants interested in public or social service.


Richard C. Flint Scholarship

Award: $3,000, Deadline: January 15

Applicant must be a West Virginia resident enrolled full time, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, and demonstrate good moral character.


ARS Graduate Scholarship

Award: $4,000, Deadline: April 1

Applicant must be of Armenian ancestry. Selection is based upon scholastic qualifications, financial need, and involvement in the Armenian community.


Washington Internship for Students in Engineering

Award: $1,400, Deadline: December 31

Applicant must be entering the final year of undergraduate study. Selection is based upon academic record, essay, extracurricular activities, and interest in public policy.


Health Research Training Program

Award: -, Deadline: March 15

Applicant must be a New York City resident who is attending a metropolitan New York City school. The program offers internships in public health research, community outreach and education, fieldwork, laboratory work and administration to all college undergraduates, graduate, and professional school students.


Robert R. Robinson Scholarship

Award: $1,000, Deadline: May 31

Applicant must be a junior, senior, or graduate student enrolled in a Michigan college or university who is pursuing a degree in public administration and considering a career in local government administration. Recipient will be selected from nominees submitted by a Michigan township board that is a member of good standing in the Michigan Townships Association.


Kenneth H. Ashworth Fellowship

Award: $2,000, Deadline: February 20

Applicant must be a Texas resident attending a Texas public or private non-profit college or university, and nominated by his or her college dean. Applicant must intend to work in Texas after graduation, and must be able to demonstrate financial need.


Patricia Collins Amaral Memorial Fund

Award: $600, Deadline: February 15

Applicant must be a senior who has a minimum 3.0 GPA and who has demonstrated the finest qualities of leadership through participation in campus organizations and has rendered service of significant benefit to the campus community.


Alumni Association Scholarship

Award: -, Deadline: February 15

Applicant must demonstrate community leadership and have met the award criteria established by the Alumni Association's Scholarship Committee. Applicant must have completed 12 credits last semester and 24 credits at Bridgewater State College as of December 31. Applicants who have transferred from Massachusetts Community Colleges, Dean College, or Quincy College are eligible to apply.


ISF Scholarship

Award: $10,000, Deadline: March 21

Applicant must be Muslim or an active member of the Muslim community who is enrolled at an accredited university as an undergraduate (sophomore, junior, or senior) or graduate student (including Ph.D.) in the United States who is majoring in one of the sponsor's supported majors as found on their website. Minimum 3.0 GPA and United States citizenship/permanent residence required.


Henry A Zuberano Scholarship

Award: $5,000, Deadline: February 19

Applicant must be an undergraduate student with a major in international business, international relations, political science or public administration.


Robert R. Robinson Memorial Scholarship

Award: -, Deadline: May 31

Applicants must be undergraduate juniors, undergraduate seniors or graduate students who are attending a Michigan college or university. They must be majoring in public administration and must have plans to pursue a career in that field. Selection is based on academic merit, extracurricular activities and stated career goals.


Bill Bendiner and Doug Morgenson Scholarship

Award: $3,250, Deadline: January 13

Applicants must be residents of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington and be high school seniors or college or graduate students (community college, four-year public or private college or university, certificate program, vocational/technical/trade programs, law school, medical/dental/veterinary school or graduate education). Students must be members of the LGBTQ and allied community and display leadership either within the LGBTQ community or within their field of study and demonstrate financial need. Students with additional barriers to education as well as those who are economically, racially, socially, geographically or politically disenfranchised will be given consideration as well. Applicants must be pursuing a career in human services, health sciences, or visual arts.